May 7, 2014

Last Message...

Hello to you all!

I've got a great news!
Shoujo Crusade group will be taking over Hoshi wa utau! yay!

As the post title says, this will probably be my last message as a blogger.

I don't think I'll post articles here again. Not that I don't want to, I just don't have the time anymore, sadly...

Please be nice to the new translators and be patient :)

I hope you'll enjoy what's left of Hoshi wa Utau and like its end.

On that final note I bid you farewell dear readers


November 5, 2013


As you might've seen, I've been pretty unactive for about 3 months.
Reason is that I've been following webdesign courses since the end of August. And believe me, when you stay 8 hrs straight working in front of a computer, when you get home the first thing you want to do is relax and be a bum. So yeah, I didn't really think about posting new entries.

Now about Hoshi wa Utau:
I'm sad to announce that I have to put the translation on hold for an indetermined time.
Of course, it doesn't mean that I'm stopping the translation.

BUT if someone wants to take over the translation, send me an email or leave a comment, and I'll provide you the raw & cleaned scans.

I really don't know when I'll be able to resume the translation.

Until next time


June 27, 2013

Chronicles of an Addict - Chapter III: YT or How to Get Lost in Unknown Lands

You go on YT to watch a single video, but then that evil recommendation bar draws your attention and:"Oh! That one looks interesting." or "What the..." Then you get lost on YT for hours...

Don't look at me like that TOP D': I can't help it!

June 1, 2013